Side event: POLLEN network launch, Monday 7 September

The Political Ecology network POLLEN will be launched at the Resource Politics conference on the Monday evening, with a discussion featuring:

  • Tor Benjaminsen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences);
  • Connor Joseph Cavanagh (Norwegian University of Life Sciences);
  • Hanne Svarstad (Oslo and Akershus University College);
  • Bram Büscher (Wageningen University);
  • John Childs;
  • Ben Neimark (Lancaster Environment Centre); and
  • Saskia Vermeylen (Lancaster University

The event will take place at Monday 7 September at 18.00 in room SC3&4 on the ground floor. All Resource Politics 2015 conference delegates are invited to attend.


POLLEN is an umbrella organisation of political ecology researchers, groups, projects, networks and ‘nodes’ within Europe. As the name suggests, POLLEN seeks to provide a platform for the ‘cross-fertilization’ of ideas and where Europe’s many rich, diverse traditions can come together, discuss, and debate the latest developments in the field.


  • To be the umbrella organisation for political ecology research and conversations in Europe;
  • To enable and facilitate the cross-fertilization of information about political ecology research,
  • literature, and relevant funding opportunities among the European nodes;
  • To organise and support activities that encourage and strengthen political ecology work in Europe and beyond, both within and outside academia;
  • To find ways to engage with activist, civil society and political groups and work to bring these groups into discussion with the network.

Read more: POLLEN overview leaflet (PDF)

To contact the network, visit the POLLEN website or email

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