Video from the conference: interviews and plenary talks

Watch video interviews with key speakers and footage from selected plenary sessions below.

Interview clips

1-2 minute clips of interviews with Betsy Hartmann, Rohan D’Souza, Myint Zaw, Michael Watts and Dianne Rocheleau on resource politics, filmed during the conference. Click on the icon in the top left hand corner to browse the list.

Interviews: full versions

Full versions of the 5 interviews. Click on the icon in the top left hand corner to browse the list.

Plenary presentations

Betsy Hartmann: ‘Shrinking spaces and resource races’

Betsy Hartmann (Hampshire College) talks about “how to resist the hold shrinking space has on our imaginations, and at the same time challenge its opposite: never-ending Capitalist Cornucopia.”

Rohan D’Souza: ‘‘Historical responsibility’ and the problems of writing South Asian environmental history in the epoch of the Anthropocene’

Rohan D’Souza (Kyoto University) talks about the important qualities and value of environmental histories and how they can bring to light questions of ideology and power.

Michael J. Watts: Resource politics, institutions and doing development differently

Michael J. Watts (University of California, Berkeley) examines the politics of institutional reform in a context of ‘governance failures’ and nations affected by the ‘resource curse’.

Planetary Boundaries and the Anthropocene

The conference featured a debate, chaired by Prof Mike Hulme, on ‘Planetary boundaries and the politics of resources’. The debate began with presentations from Johan Rockström and Melissa Leach.

Johan Rockström (Stockholm Resilience Centre)

Melissa Leach (Institute of Development Studies)

Panel: Resource Politics and Social Justice

Short presentations from a plenary session from day 2 of the conference, entitled ‘Resource Politics and Social Justice: key challenges for policy and practice’. The chair was Suman Sahai (GeneCampaign) and the speakers are Jenny Franco (TNI), Nick Hildyard (The Corner House), Myint Zaw (Ju Foundation/Crawford School of Public Policy) and Maxime Combes (ATTAC France).

Other resources

View our other resources, including papers, blogs, pictures and the conference Storify.

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