Stories of ‘engagement’ at Resource Politics

by Vivienne Benson, Institute of Development Studies

The Resource Politics conference aimed to bring together a diverse and international group to discuss the politics of resources and pathways to sustainability.

Engagement map

Underpinning the discussions at the event was the idea that engaging with others, and making alliances is the only way to truly make change happen.

With this in mind, the STEPS Centre and colleagues from the Institute of Development Studies set up the ‘Engagement Matters’ map to gather stories of engagement from participants at the event.

The group including academics, practitioners, policymakers and activists, were asked to pin their stories onto the Engagement Matters map.

Throughout the conference, as the map was populated with tales from across the globe telling stories of sharing cups of tea with community members to using Twitter to engage journalists, it was clear the diversity of experiences that were in the room.

It was an opportunity to see the scope of where others work, and who and how they engage with. You can browse the stories shared at the conference on the Google map below.

This article was first published on the Institute of Development Studies website.

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