This list of panels and their convenors was updated on 26 August 2015. Convenors’ names are shown in brackets following the title of their panel.

Day 1 (Monday)

Session 1

  • Militarisation and resource politics (Jeremy Allouche & Jan Selby)
  • The politics of socio-ecological resilience (Katrina Brown & Louisa Evans)
  • Patterns, platforms and pathways: Collaboration for transformative innovation (Ed Hackett)
  • Motivation crowding in incentive-based conservation (Esteve Corbera)
  • Interrogating the Pathways of Water Justice (Maria Teresa Armijos & Synne Movik)

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Session 2

  • The new politics of scarcity (Lyla Mehta)
  • Beyond people vs. parks: Exploring the complexity of conservation governance in the ‘Anthropocene’ (Marja Spierenburg & Robert Fletcher)
  • The digital economy: An emerging approach to sustainable development (Samir Doshi)
  • The how and who of financialisation of nature (Andrea Brock)
  • Local representation in carbon forestry (Jesse Ribot)

Session 3

  • Water resources: Big dams and geopolitics (Carl Middleton & Dipak Gyawali)
  • The Locality in the Anthropocene (Vinita Damodaran & Maurizio Marinelli)
  • Assessing global sustainability assessments: The challenge of creating international knowledge in the face of divergent framings (John Thompson & Erik Millstone)
  • Mining and movements for social justice in Sub-Saharan Africa (Sam Spiegel, Eleanor Fisher)
  • Green Economy and its others: Challenges to scarcity and green economy – Buen vivir, abundance, affective ecologies, degrowth (Kathleen McAfee)
  • Environmental justice movements: New rights, new Politics? (Iokiñe Rodriguez)

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Session 4

  • ‘Extractive regimes’ at the margins: Resource extractions and development in eastern Africa (Jeremy Lind and Chris Huggins)
  • Pathways to sustainable urbanisation: Waste and the circular economy in South Asia (Fiona Marshall, Ashish Chaturvedi)
  • Open science and sustainability (Valeria Arza)
  • Political ecologies of conservation, violence and resistance in East Africa (Tor Benjaminsen, Ian Bryceson)
  • Feminist visions for sustainability (Wendy Harcourt)

Session 5

  • Resource politics/resource states: The political economy of energy in Africa (Peter Newell)
  • Sustainability transitions and wider transformative change (Johan Schot)
  • The global politics of the commodification of science, knowledge and nature (Catherine Corson)
  • Green economies and resource politics in sub-Saharan Africa: Critiques from below (Amber Huff)
  • Political interactions between social justice movements: Changes and challenges, tensions and synergies (Saturnino M. Borras Jr. & Jennifer C. Franco)

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