The papers submitted by each panellist will be published on this page as we receive them. Unless otherwise indicated, the titles link directly to a PDF download. Titles are ordered alphabetically by the lead author’s surname.

List of papers

Baker, L. (2014) The evolving role of finance in South Africa’s renewable energy sector (link to article online), Geoforum, 64:146-156

Beck, S. Policy-relevant and yet policy-neutral, never policy-prescriptive

Blake, D. Irrigation development and ‘the Nexus’: Ideology, politics and practices of Mekong region hydraulic control paradigm

Borie, M., Mahony, M. and Hulme, M. Somewhere between everywhere and nowhere: the institutional epistemologies of IPBES and the IPCC

Bose, A., Garcia, C. and Vira, B. Mottled motivations, direct incentives: Understanding people’s engagement with incentives for shade grown coffee in the Western Ghats, India

Case, P., Evans, L.S., Fabinyi, M., Cohen, P.J., Hicks, C.C., Prideaux, M. and Mills, D.J. Rethinking environmental leadership: the social construction of leaders and leadership in discourses of ecological crisis, development and conservation

Chervier, C. The influence of positive incentives on the perception of use values of forest conservation: the case of a payment for environmental services program in Cambodia

Chirambo, B. What should REDD+ be about? Forest governance incentives or incentives and energy investment?

Damodaran, V. Environmental history for the Anthropocene: perspectives on environment and development in the locality

Ezzine-de-Blas, D. Crowding-in or crowding-out? A conceptual framework to understand motivations in payments for ecosystem services

Faye, P. From “better representation” to subordination in participatory forest management in Senegal

Handberg, Ø and Angelsen, A. PES and crowding-out effects: A framed forest experiment in Tanzania

Huff, A. and Mehta, L., The new politics of scarcity: A review of political positionings, current trends and their socio-economic implications

Leifsen, E., Struggle for water rights envisioning a wasteland: Big-scale mining and local responses in the Southern Ecuadorian Amazon

Lohmann, L. What is the ‘green’ in ‘green growth’?

Lyons, K. and Westoby, P. Carbon markets and the new ‘carbon violence’: A case study of plantation forestry in Uganda

Middleton, C. Arenas of water justice on Transboundary Rivers: A rights-based approach to the food-water-energy nexus in Southeast Asia

Mutz, D. Circular economy and informal waste management in India – a contradiction?

Narayanan, L. and Chikarmane, P. Full circle: mapping circuits of informal labour and waste materials

Nightingale, A.J. Challenging the Romance with Resilience: communities, scale and climate change

Ogra, A. ‘Decision-making’ in the Anthropocene: adaptation, coffee growers and climate change in South India

Segal, R., Millstone, E. and Thompson, J. An assessment of global agricultural assessments

Scheba, A. The politics of inclusion/exclusion of REDD+ in Tanzania

Wilshusen, P. and MacDonald, K. Business of biodiversity: Corporate enactment, conservation governance and the (anti-) politics of articulation

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